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So Tell Me Again— What Ever Happened to “Mined In The USA?”

Can’t you just hear “The Boss,” Bruce Springsteen, singing “Quarried in the USA,” trying to hit the “charts?” He is after all a blue collar sort of guy, that sort of understands that when it comes to USA Imports/Exports, our Congress has allowed “Free Trade” to “Favored Nations,” to turn New Jersey into something that is laughed about by the elite of that offshore banking empire now know as Manhattan Island.

To explain, let me give you a hint by paraphrasing Presendatial Candidate Ross Perot “great sucking sound” of vanishing American Industry. In the minerals industry, as mines are difficult to export, we are faced with foreign control when competing with ourselves. Example: the British Petroleum oil spill, after an explosion of the Swiss owned “American Explorer” drill rig who in turn pointed a finger at what had started out as a Nevada mining company, Halliburton, now headquartered in Dubai. Surely —20 years later after candidate Perot's ignored to warning — we must acknowledge that the actual “down the toilet” reality is a flushing gurgle “whoosh!”

How can I even suggest such an outlandish, bathroom humor, statement? Well after 50 years of hearing that Northern Nevada Marble is far too to ship to retail stores in Las Vegas, I really wonder how it is that Nevadan Mustang Marble cannot compete in Las Vegas with finished imports of floor tiles from China. Especially when this unique stone was the choice of a hotel lobby designed in Dubai —except for the fact that their was no investment funding, or qualified workforce, or marble mining infrastructure in the “silver” state of Nevada, to promise delivery.

I also am astounded as the publisher of, just how far small Western American mining operations, as marble quarries, have slipped from proudly supplying the the largest single piece of marble ever quarried white marble from Marble, Colorado (a 100-ton block, squared to 56 tons) that somehow was shipped to Washington, D.C. for the creation of the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. Colorado marble also supplied the “Italian style carrara” used to build the Lincoln Monument.

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